7. Orders Exporting

To start Export osCommerce orders you need to select Import and Export -> Import/Export Orders (.csv)

Or you can use "Export to Excel" button for fast Export as well.

Orders Import/Export Wizard is similar to Categories Import/Export Wizard. To export orders from osCommerce follow several steps listed below:

1. Select "Export" and click "Next >" button to continue.

2. Store Manager can export orders from osCommerce to .csv file. You should enter the file name or select one (using browse ) to be replaced.

Here you can also load or save export settings (configuration)

Also you can Save Export Settings for future osCommerce orders export or Load one to use now.

3. Fields Delimiter page has some important settings. Check them to ensure proper configuration.

First option is delimiter character. Most popular delimiters are comma (,), semicolon (;) and tab character ( ), however other symbols can be used as well. Export file is usually generated for further import. If incorrect delimiter is specified during import, file will not be parsed properly and customers will not be imported. Second option is quote string values. It is used to separate strings in CSV file.

4. Select fields you want to be exported:

All available fields that can be exported are listed in left pane. Select fields you want to be exported and click ">" button to move them to right pane. If you'd like to export all fields simply press ">>". The order in which columns will be saved in .csv file can be changed. To do this, move exported columns up and down using corresponding buttons.

Enable the option Do not export order products, if you need or leave it disabled to export order products.

5. Preview export file and proceed.

Attention! When you press "Export" Button, export process will start!

Choose what action to perform after saving export data, use "None" option and Wizard will be closed automatically. If you wish to open a directory containing result file, check corresponding option. Open result file option allows you to see export file opened in Excel.

Also you can Save Export Settings for the future.

Now osCommerce orders export is finished.

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