1. Featured Products


Featured products section will be available if you have Featured Products free osCommerce contribution installed. This contribution can be found here. Otherwise your osCommerce Featured Products Page icon will be "greyed out", it means that the page is not available. Also this page is not available if you're using Embedded database.

On Featured products page you can configure appearance of a product in the list of featured items. Adding a product to this list doesn't automatically feature product in the store. It gives you an opportunity to edit product's Featured status. General layout of this page is as follows:

Featured Products sector
  • Featured Status. Product will be displayed at your osCommerce store as Featured only when Featured Status checkbox is checked. You can select which products from the list you'd like to make featured at this moment by a check mark in Featured Status Column or using [Check Selection]/[Uncheck Selection] icons.
  • Expires Date - After this date Featured status will not be valid. You can set date when you'd like to stop displaying this product as featured. If the Featured Status box is unchecked, expiration date won't influence anything as the product is not included in featured list.
  • Date added - indicates the date, when the product was added to featured list.
  • Last modified - field represents the date, when you've made last changes in this product status.
  • Date status change - automatically shows time when Featured status was changed (you can see it current meaning in the box right under Date Status Change option). Please note that even if you manually set this date, it won't change product status.

Using featured toolbar and context menu you can perform the following basic operations with osCommerce Featured products:

Add featured button

1. Add featured products. When you click on add featured icon , standard search product form appears. If you type a few letters of product's name or model in "Text to Search" field, the manager will show you a list of products that match your request.

If you doubleclick on any product in the search results, it'll be added to a osCommerce featured products list. For more search options check Search Product section. Please note that products cannot be opened here for editing. If you wish to edit any specific product,

go to Catalog -> Categories & Products section.

Refresh button

2. Refresh data button forces featured products' list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts e.g. whether the latest data were displayed.

Delete button

3. By clicking on delete button you'll remove selected product only from the featured list, not from the database.

Adjust column width button

4. To adjust columns width use auto-size icon.

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