1. General Reports

fmReports - General Reports Section

This section contains standard Shopping Cart reports, such as Best Viewed Products, Best Purchased ones and Best Customers Orders (total).

At the report page, which is opened after you select the report, this report can be viewed, saved, printed or edited. From this page you can export current report, let's say to Excel. There's also Edit page option that allows to edit report data and its layout (Text font, size, color, alignment, etc.,framing options can be selected).

In case you'd like to change some field contents, doubleclick on it to get the Memo screen. Please note that any of these changes made to a specific report will not be saved as a template change.

To edit one of report templates you have to run Report Tool and open appropriate file. Download User's Manual to learn how to edit report templates.

Remember that every report needs some data (as well as its template) in order to be displayed. To customize data for a report you have to modify its .sql files.

SQL files are stored in Reports\SQL sub-folder Report can use one or more .sql files, whereas one .sql file may be used in one or more reports. As for example, all General reports are very similar and they use the same queries to retrieve data. To figure out which .sql is used in a report, open this report using Report Tool and check the fields.

Entire report field enclosed in square brackets []. First part (before dot symbol) is .sql file name where "SQL" is a part of the name replaced with "DBDataSet". Second part (after dot symbol) is field name quoted with "".

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