1. Access Management

LoginForm,UserAccessForm - Acces Management section

This Section can be accessed through this menu:

You need to select Users and Permissions in order to create access table in your database (thus enabling Access Management), to add a new user or edit existing permissions.

It's recommended to change default Admin password. Also you need to be careful with the permissions you're setting for each user - they may be overridden.

Please note that Database login/password and Store Manager users/passwords are separate entities.

To create new user and to manage his/her access, press "+" button , enter user name and password.

After that you have to apply changes with "apply" button .

When a new user is created you can check an item to grant an appropriate permission to currently selected user.

To delete currently added user you can use delete or button .

"Refresh data" button forces access list update. It is useful when you're changing data or have any doubts e.g. whether the latest data were displayed.

Once you've created an access table, Access section will be available in Left-Side Bar. It consists of two buttons - Login and Logout.

If you wish to Disable Access Management go to Access Management -> Drop Access Table.

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