8. Product Manufacturers

fmProductManufacturers, fmEditProductManufactures

This chapter describes how to manage product manufacturers in osCommerce store.

Basic Operations

Using manufacturer's toolbar and context menu you can perform the following basic operations:

1. Add new manufacturer calls blank Edit Manufacturer form, which is used to create a new manufacturer.

2. To edit manufacturer you can double click on it or press "Edit manufacturer" button. It calls Edit Manufacturer form for selected product. Please see below for options.

3. You can delete selected manufacturer . You won't be able to undo action of deleting the manufacturer , unless you've made a database backup.

4. Refresh data forces manufacturers' list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts e.g. whether the latest data are displayed.

Edit Manufacturer Form

To create a new manufacturer in osCommerce store or edit an existing one, proceed through several steps:

1. Click on create new or edit manufacturer icon.

2. In the edit manufacturer form specify the following data:

  • Name is the only required field here. The rest will be either set automatically or may be left empty/default.
  • Manufacturer Image. There are three buttons to edit image. First one is used to browse contents of your local folders and select an image. When you press OK button on edit form it will be uploaded to "Images directory" on FTP. When local image is selected, this field will display local image path like in the following example: C:\My Images\some_image.jpg. Right after upload local image path will be replaced with image name - some_image.jpg

The next button is used to select some images stored remotely. It's done by browsing contents of FTP folder specified as "Images directory".

Also you can configure image resize rules with the help of the last button . It calls image resize rules window to decrease or increase the size of image.

The following options in osCommerce are set automatically:

  • Date added - the date, when manufacturer was added to the list<
  • Last modified - the date, when you've made last changes in this manufacturer's data
  • Date last click - the date, when Manufacturer URL was opened for the last time
  • Count clicked - counts how many times this URL has been opened since last reset

3. Click Ok to save this entry and to create new manufacturer in osCommerce store, or click cancel to discard this entry.

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