HTML Editor


HTML Editor allows you to edit your data much easier. It has 2 tabs: HTML and Code and Properties Toolbar.

Source view is useful for working directly with "raw" HTML text, which gives you precise control over the tags used in the page. However, by default, you can also work with objects visually.

HTML editor enables you to:

  • View and edit a page in a WYSIWYG-like environment.
  • Work with HTML controls using the visual representation possible to be seen in the browser.
  • Use menu and toolbar commands to apply certain types of formatting, that are not available in Source view: e.g. paragraph alignment.
  • Use menu and toolbar commands to add and edit certain elements (e.g. tables and lists), that you have to edit as HTML text in Source view.
  • Drag items from the Toolbox and from the Project Explorer to create elements on your page.
  • Use drag for the reposition of absolutely positioned elements.

Code view enables you to:

  • View and edit text and HTML tags,
  • View and edit scripts on the page.

In Code view, the toolbar does not display style properties. You can edit style properties directly using HTML tags or by using the toolbar window in HTML view.

Press Ok Button to apply your changes or Cancel to discard them.

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