5. Search Products

fmFastProductsSearch - Search Form.

This section describes how to use search form and to find osCommerce products for editing without browsing store folders.

You can perform osCommerce product search by product name or product model. Click Search osCommerce product button in order to use Search form

Search form has three sections:

  1. Conditions
    • Text to Search field - Simply type a few characters from the product name, and the application will show you a list of osCommerce products that match your request.
  2. Search Options
    • Instant search - Enable the option to see the results as you type. Note: Do not use this option if you have slow direct database connection!
    • Exact match - Shows osCommerce products that match the exact word or phrase in the results section
    • You can open osCommerce product for editing automatically enabling the corresponding checkbox
    1. Results
    2. Here you can see search results. If you double-click on any product in the search results, Store Manager will take you to its category page and highlight the osCommerce product in the list.

You can Apply Filter basing on search results. Simply use Filter button. Here you can find out more about Store Manager Filters.

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